Legal support of companies
(including insurance firms)
7 000 – 60 000 RUR/month
Legal support of deals/implementing
difficult business-projects
contract price
Representing interests of
the RF non-residents
contract price
Conducting an audit of company’s
legal documentation (constitutional documents, local regulatory acts, contracts and etc.), documents adjustment
from 3000 RUR
Complex preparation (creating/adjustment) of documents for further presentation to public authorities, contractors (including foreign ones) from 7000 RUR
Examination of documents for clean title from 2500 RUR
Memorandum of law about contractors brief 500 RUR
full 1800 RUR
Furnishing information about company’s debts to tax authorities 1500-2000 RUR
Drafting contracts, letters, demands, applications, claims and other documents relevant in law from 1500 RUR
Formulation and transaction of deals in real estate sphere, enrolment of real estate, including urgent cases with different impairments from 30 000 RUR
Litigation support in different agencies and jurisdictions from 5000 RUR
Lawyers’ recruitment or secondment of a part-time employee at time convenient for you from 7000 RUR
– company registration and IE(LLC, CJSC, OJSC, NPO) from 8500 RUR/from 3500 RUR
– company conversion from 50 000 RUR
– company cancellation from 50 000 RUR
– “alternative” cancellation contract price
Making amendments to name of organization, legal address, participants, non-resident participants, types of activity and etc. from 4000 RUR
Opening/closing branch offices, representative offices, other separate subdivisions of a company from 3000 RUR
Reissuance of lost documents from 1500 RUR for one document
Providing legal and business addresses 6 months from 8000 RUR
11 months from 12 000 RUR
Writing analytical articles (creating publications) on judicial subject from 5000 RUR
Legal advice contract price

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